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Kubota BX Tractor Spring 2015



Kubota BX Series Tractors ▪ 18.0 - 25.5 HP

Powerful, versatile, comfortable and reliable. These are the hallmarks of the Kubota BX-Series, and they're why it's Australia's top selling...

Kubota L3200 tractor
Kubota L3200 L3800 L4600 ▪ 31.9 - 46.3 HP

L3200 / L3800 Front Features Powerful Engines The L32OO gear-drive model provides 26.7 PTO horsepower (HST model: 25.2 PTO horsepower), while the...

kubota l3540 tractor
Kubota L3540 L4240 L5740 Grand L Series ▪ 34.0 - 59.0 HP

L40 Grand Series - L3540 / L4240 / L5740 FEATURES E-TVCS Diesel Engine Kubota’s reputation for making exceptional engines has never been more...

Kubota MX5100D ▪ 50HP Tractor
Kubota MX5100D ▪ 50HP

MX5100D Manual TransmissionDesigned to tackle a wide variety of tasks, the Kubota MX5100D features a powerful 50HP engine. Widely considered as the...

Kubota M6040/M7040/M8540/M9540 working
Kubota M6040/M7040/M8540/M9540 Series Diesel Tractors ▪ 60 - 95 HP

M Series Simple to operate yet incredibly powerful, the economical M Series tractor range is ideal for a wide variety of applications from property...

Kubota M8540 Narrow / Narrow CAB 85.5HP Sales And Service
Kubota M8540 Narrow / Narrow CAB 85.5HP

M8540DN Narrow ROPS Tractor Kubota’s M8540DN speciality tractor is ideal for orchards and vineyards with a narrow build powered by a reliable...

kubota m series tractors grand x tractors
Kubota M Series ▪ 50.0-135HP

KUBOTA M SERIES MX5100(HST) Kubota MX5100 Engine: Kubota 2.4L 4-cyl diesel Capacity: Fuel: 13.2 gal [50.0 L] Hydraulic system: 11.6 gal [43.9 L]...

Kubota M7 Series Diesel Tractor working
Kubota M7 Series Diesel Tractors ▪ 128.0-168HP

Clean, reliable, energy-efficient power and much more When we set out to make farming easier and more efficient, we focused on the relationships...


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