You've never seen a tractor like this. Because there's never been a series of tractors so distinctly crafted to cover all of your lawn care needs.
Introducing the Select Series, remarkable family of tractors from John Deere. It's not just a collection of features. It's a fresh, innovative way of thinking about tractors. Different designs-from the wheels up-to match different needs.
Want more maneuverability and effortless trimming? How about increased traction for rough terrain? How about unlimited versatility?
Whatever you want, there's a Select tractor for you. Built by the people who've been creating the world's best for decades.

The John Deere X300 family offers unsurpassed maneuverability in a lawn tractor. How? By getting all wheels involved–its front and back wheels turn. Our unique FourWheel Steer saves you time over traditional steering machines.
Add to that our remarkable Twin Touch™ foot pedals, cruise control and a precise steering geometry, and you've got one of the most fluid, easy-to-maneuver tractors you can buy.
Yet this agile wonder is also immensely durable, due to its welded steel frame, so you can tackle almost anything in your path.
The X300 Select Series. Beauty and the beast, all in one.
The EDGE™ Mulch Deck42-inch Mulching Power
Our unique Mulch Deck lets you trim with both sides of your mower. The exclusive material gates are quickly removed without tools, for mowing in just one pass.

iTorque Power Systems-Better Performance, Longer Life
Take a look under the hood and you'll discover a low-vibration V-Twin design, efficient hemispheric cylinder heads, and our V-Valve Technology with unparalleled airflow. What's it all mean? A smoother, cooler ride, and a much, longer life.

  • 15-inch tall open-back seat–a more comfortable, cooler ride regardless of terrain or temperature
  • Easy-to-engage mower / attachment engagement with electric clutch (PTO)
  • Cargo Mount™ System-quickly install or remove attachments with no need for tools
  • Four wheel steering feature a tight 9-inch uncut circle radius for effortless trimming. (X324 with 48-inch mower)
It's easier to go where you may need to mow. That's what makes the X500 Series special. From the available power steering to the mammoth 24-inch tall rear wheels, these smooth-riding wonders were designed to handle almost anything your mowing area can throw at you.

They've got a traction-assist pedal that locks the rear wheels so you won't slip, and a wide tractor stance to increase stability as you cruise over slopes. But the X500 doesn't just take you where you need to go. Like any John Deere, it makes sure you always get a great cut, too, with our unique on-board deck-leveling gauge.

There's even a heavy-duty transmission and frame for increased durability that allows most models to accommodate ground-engaging equipment like tillers. Add it all up, you'll see why the X500 Series goes practically anywhere-and stays way ahead of any other tractor on the market.

  • Heavy-duty transmission and frame will accommodate ground engaging tools (most models even take tillers)
  • Fingertip controlled hydraulic implement lift on most models lets you effortlessly raise and lower attachments
  • Comfortable 16-inch tall open- back seat with handle cushions bumpy rides
  • Convenient dash-mounted fuel gauge and 12-volt outlet
  • Quick access front and rear suitcase weight brackets
iTorque Power Systems-Be the Strong, Silent Type
The quiet running, liquid-cooled design bolsters the durability of select models in the X500 Series.
The Edge™ Xtra Cutting System-Our Edge Keeps You Even
You're assured an even cut with our on-board deck leveling gauge. Plus, four rotating mower wheels make deck removal and installation simple.
John Deere has designed and created the best tractors in the world. And the X700 is all that expertise and know-how come to life. Convenience at your fingertips, power at your beckoning, this series is everything that's great about a John Deere-literally.The X700 family offers practically every possible option, almost every one-of-a-kind feature and every amazing advantage that makes a John Deere, a John Deere.
It's big things-like electronic fuel injection and larger mower decks. And it's the little things-bright ideas like halogen headlights and rear backup lights. It's the ingenious mix of your comfort (more legroom) and your convenience (fingertip handling of attachments with dual-hydraulic controls) in one machine.
But there's only one way you'll truly experience the difference of this incredible tractor. Come down Ongmac and get on one. You'll see what all this adds up to-the simple feeling that you're on the best tractor in the world.

The Edge™ Xtra Cutting System-A Cut Above
Let's talk numbers. The extra-wide 62-inch mower deck helps you tackle the largest of mowing jobs, and the impressive 5.25=inch cutting height on most models lets you cut higher. And one more number-zero. As in no stress with installation or removal because its shaft-driven mower with lock-back collar.

iTorque Power Systems-Start Off Right
The John Deere iTorque makes a great first impression. Electronic fuel injection means certain X700 models will start cleaner, faster and more efficiently.
  • Every 4-wheel steering model features an impressive 6-inch uncut circle radius with 62-inch mower
  • Superior traction on any terrain with 4-wheel drive (X728, X748)
  • Shaft-driven mowers, attachments and transmission
  • Convenient power and tilt steering standard on all models
  • Dual-function hydraulic implement control levers at your fingertips
  • Smooth-engaging hydraulic wet clutch mower and attachment drive
  • Fuel-efficient diesel engines available on select models
  • Exclusive Special-Edition package features standard styled wheels, front fenders, deluxe seat with adjustable armrests, lumbar and suspension, plus, a front brushguard.


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