The new 997 Diesel Z-Trak.

Production, production, production. That's the mantra of our new 997 Z-Trak. Powered by a 3-cylinder direct injected, liquid cooled diesel engine, the 997 lays claim to one of the largest engines in its class. To the tune of 40% more displacement than the industry leader. It's the extra horsepower you'll appreciate during the next wet season. Speaking of cutting, the 997 gives you a choice of either a 60 or 71 inch side discharge 7-Iron™ deck or a 60 inch rear discharge deck. And the 12 gallon fuel tank guarantees you'll be getting the job done, from sunup to sundown.

  • Shaft-driven mower deck for reliable power transfer
  • Hydraulic clutch for smooth mower deck engagement-leads to longer life and increased durability
  • No-tool engine compartment access
  • Flip-up seat and removable hood allows easy access to all service components
  • Flip-out foot panel allows easy access to deck area
Folding Two Post Roll Over Protective Structure (ROPS) and seat belts are standard equipment. ROPS can be positioned quickly and easily without the use of tools.
Deluxe comfort seat with armrests and ergonomically designed operator controls located to the right of the operator. Optional suspension seat is available for even more comfort.
The 997 is powered by a 3-cylinder direct injected, liquid-cooled Yanmar Diesel Engine.This large diesel engine gives the operator extra horsepower to excel in thick lush mowing conditions.


A lineup that is always looking for a better way.

At John Deere, the best never rests. Case in point are the 1400 and 1500 Series II Front Mowers. Already miles ahead of the competition when introduced, the 1400 and 1500 Series II mowers have gone to the next level with ergonomic, power, and styling improvements. And with quality improvements to the 1600Turbo Wide Area Mower, you can be certain that John Deere never rests at the business of keeping you ahead.

Finally, mowers that see fall and winter for what they are. Excuses.

Equally ready to take down snow banks and mountains of leaves, the 1400 and 1500 II Series never let six months of the year stand in their way.Their high-performance -tools? A 47-inch, two-stage snow blower, five-foot broom, hydraulically angled blade and more on the way. (As you'd expect of the 1400s, hookup is fast.)
With cab options, weather won't slow you down. And a massive 16-gallon fuel tank means no breaks. In short, these mowers have what most others don't: A full calendar.

Coupled with optional fourwheel drive, a heavy 60-inch blade is perfect for clearing snow and light material work.




Hanger arms lift high for quick-trailer loading of attachments.




High-capacity blower is ideal for cleaning and removing debris everywhere from sports fields to golf courses to parking lots.*
*Referral equipment

72-inch 7-Iron V -Flex™ Deck. Excellent blade overlap and available striping kit allow this 3-part flex deck to deliver an exceptional cut over uneven terrain. Designed especially for golf courses, parks, and sports turf maintenance.
They're the best ways to oversee work all year, round: 1400/1500 Series II hard and soft cab options. Part of the first blueprints for the machines, they seamlessly integrate with the machine body shell for perfect protection from the elements. Visibility is excellent to the front, sides and especially to the rear- with a wide view window.
Doors and windows are completely weather-sealed for reduced noise levels and superior protection from elements. (And for another sort of protection, doors come complete with an interior steel guard rail and key lock.)
Best of all, a smart modular design allows canopy only, soft cab and hard cab set-ups. So no matter what your preference, we've got you covered.
Deck rotates a full 90 degrees for cleaning and blade changes.

Air conditioning option helps you beat the heat all summer long.

Presenting comfort that never takes a back seat.

ErgonomicTwinTouch™ pedal control follows the natural motion of your foot. An adjustable seat and tilt steering wheel work together to provide ideal positioning. (Besides leg room, the seat also adjusts for weight-and even to what eye level you'd like to mow.) A central display and ergonomic color-coded controls make it easy to stay in command. Liquid-cooling and sound reducing materials keep decibel levels low, while precise assembly virtually eliminates the squeaks and rattles you might hear on other machines.To assure total peace of mind, every 1400 and 1500 Series II includes a foldable ROPS that meets OSHA standards, operator-presence system that meets ANSI standards and an audible warning alarm. When work needs to be done, now you can put your whole self into the job.

Sliding seat and tilt steering column work in tandem to fit virtually any body.

Presenting the 1600Turbo.

With sweeping deck coverage, an innovative baffling system that virtually eliminates clumping and wings that follow ground contour, this machine delivers the fine cut you'd expect of a small finishing mower, except over a much, much larger area.
Even more impressively though, is the 1600Turbo's ability to keep mowing continuously hour after hour, day after day. A high-torque (112 ft. lb.) 64-hp engine and the industry's only top-draw cooling system ensure this amazing technical advance can more then go the distance.
Drive one.You'll find we go to any length to make the best.

Ready for ups and downs.

The 1600's wing decks are able to mow at a 45° upward angle and a 20° downward angle to maintain a flawless cut - no matter what terrain.

Always keeps its cool.

The first of its kind, a patented top-draw air intake system keeps the 1600 Turbo cutting, and cool in tough, dry and hot conditions.

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