The HD series Rotaslasher is built for 100 HP tractors, with the same cutting gear and gearbox spindle diameter as the EHD. The Howard HD Series gearbox is strengthened at the working end and has the same spindle diameter and the same bearing and seals as used on the EHD spindle. Like the EHD, the HD gearbox is warranted for two years, as are the spring steel, laminated blade beams, with their stress reducing, "tear drop" blade fastener holes. The drop forged, heat treated, "lift" blades swing on extra hard, cold forged bushes and are secured with the exclusive Howard blade bolt and nut.

Power Rating:
Min: 60kW (80HP)
Max: 120kW (161HP)
Wheels: Twin rear wheels as standard.
Drive Shafts: Input: BYPY 108
Cross Shafts: BYPY 7 Series

The HD300 is a twin head version of the HD Rotaslasher. It is equipped with two HD gearboxes driven, via a splitter gearbox, through Howard sintered bronze clutches. The blade beams are vertically offset at the overlap point so blades cannot clash. This allows the clutch on each box to slip under shock load, obviating any transmission damage.

  • Bodies: are manufactured from 5mm, hot dip galvanised steel plate, strongly reinforced with full length gussets. Adjustable skids and a swining headstock, supported by chain backstays, are fitted as standard.
  • Mounting: Cat 1 & 2 bottom clevis pins at Cat 1 centres. HD models are centrally mounted except for the HD150 model which is offset 18cm to the left.
  • Drive Shaft: BYPY 107 series tri-lobal drive shafts (uni-cross 35x94mm) are used on the HD150, HD180 and as cross shafts on the HD300. The drive shaft on the HD300 is a tri-lobal BYPY 108 series (uni-cross 35x107mm).
  • Clutch: A Howard sintered bronze, two-plate clutch is fitted to the slasher end of the drive shaft.
  • Gearbox: The Howard desgined and built, fabricated steel 100 HP HD gearbox is fitted with machine cut hardened alloy steel gears and taper roller bearings throughout. The combined spindle, output shaft and blade beam mounting flange, is precision machined from a single drop forging. A double oil seal system, backed up by a felt seal and a dust cover, is used to protect the spindle bearings. The HD gearbox ratio is 1:1:81. On the HD300, the Comer splitter box ratio is 1:1.
  • Blade Beam: Multi-leaf, spring steel balde beam with tear-drop, stress reduced blade fastener holes.
  • Blades: Drop forged, heat treated step-down blades swinging on extra hard, cold forged bushes. The HD300 model uses stepped bi-directional blades.
  • Options: Single, laminated rubber, puncture proof height control wheel (Twin wheels are standard on the HD300). Front and rear safety guards (Note: Rear guards cannot be fitted to the HD180 if a single wheel is also fitted).
To maintain the performance of your HD Rotaslasher, insist on genuine Howard wearing parts. They are available in boxed sets, because safety must never be compromised and new fasteners and journals must always be fitted with new blades.
Cutting Height
Cutting Width
Blade Tip Speed
29kW (39hp)
80kW (107hp)
0-75mm on skids
0-11cm on wheels
1.52m (5ft)
78m/sec (15,350 ft/min)
36kW (48hp)
80kW (107hp)
0-75mm on skids
0-11cm on wheels
1.83m (6ft)
94m/sec (18,420 ft/min)
60kW (80hp)
120kW (161hp)
0-11cm on wheels
3.00m (10ft)
78m/sec (15,350 ft/min)
If improperly used or maintained, HD Rotaslashers, like all powered machines can cause bodily harm to operators and onlookers. Before operating the machine read the instruction book carefully and carry out all operating and maintenance recommendations.
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